Two Kinds of Calendars in each Notebook

Calendar Listing

On the main page of a BoardNotebook, there is a link to “Upcoming Board Meetings”. This link shows the member all the meetings that they are a part of, be they Board Meetings or Committee Meetings. It is a list of each meeting, with a link to the meeting’s Meeting Page, as well as a way to download a calendar invite for the member to place the meeting on their own personal calendars.

Board Calendar “Month at a Time”

Board Calendar is simple Month at a Time view of meeting past and future. You can click thru each month seeing at a glance when various meetings are being held and can click on any meeting’s title in the calendar to go that meeting’s Meeting Page.

Additionally, Event gadgets are displayed on the Board Calendar month view, so you can see then certain events are planned or when they happened. Events are like notes on the calendar, they do not denote an actual meeting.